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Gardanne the unsuspected…

Gardanne l’insoupçonnée, that adjective suits it so well. But of course, many other adjectives could have been used: rebellious, mutant, resilient, innovative, steeped in history, bubbling, surprising. Let yourself be guided by his multi-faceted personality.

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From earth to plate

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La filière tourisme de savoir-faire

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Légende© OT Gardanne - Dans l'atelier Riederer
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Between tradition

Gardanne is a paradox unto itself. The fourth-largest town in the Pays d’Aix region, with almost 22,000 inhabitants, it has all the characteristics of a village (a spirit of proximity, solidarity…).

With its traditional little shops, its market, its traditional festivals and its history dating back two thousand years… That’s Gardanne!

… and know-how

Where red ochre and industrial landscape embrace a lush natural landscape. Gardanne, the beating heart of Provence’s former mining basin, is an astonishing town from every point of view. It’s a place of many faces, and one that will leave an indelible mark on your stay with us.

Its industrial landscape captivates the eye at every entrance to the city. The entrepreneurial network is strong, with a long industrial history and infrastructures that rival the height of the surrounding hills and the no less majestic Mont Sainte-Victoire.

What an incredible perspective and so many stories to tell!

Gardanne in 5 highlights

Le marché de Gardanne toute l'année le mercredi, le vendredi et le dimanche de 7h à 13h
Le marché de Gardanne toute l'année le mercredi, le vendredi et le dimanche de 7h à 13h© Le marché de Gardanne est une institution. Trois fois par semaine, il se décline en taille : petit le mercredi, moyen le vendredi et un des plus grands du département le dimanche ! Il a ce charme exceptionnel des marchés de Provence et surtout, vous y trouverez à coup sûr votre bonheur !

A Sunday morning stroll through the Provencal market and its farmers' square

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Watch the sunset from Cativel hill

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Take a stroll along the Luynes to pause and take time out... to the rhythm of the water.

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Visit the Tuilerie Bossy and meet passionate craftsmen!

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Discover its history and unique industrial heritage

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Focus on

The business and know-how tourism sector

Push open the doors and see something else, to look differently

The Gardanne Tourist Office participates in the development of the metropolitan “Tourisme d’entreprise et de savoir-faire” sector, and is committed to promoting this new type of tourism, which attracts more and more visitors every year. Throughout the year, it offers guided tours of the region’s valuable industrial and economic heritage.

Dive into the company

The new issue of Poussez les Portes magazine is out!

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23 May. 2024
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  • 12 Jun. 2024

Visites de l'atelier-boutique Riederer

Venez visiter les coulisses de la pâtisserie Riederer

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Throughout the year, Gardanne offers a wide range of events and activities organized by the municipality, numerous associations and the Gardanne Tourist Office. activities organized by the municipality, numerous associations and the Gardanne Tourist Office


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Now, as you know, Gardanne lives like a village… We forge links, keep in touch, keep in touch, so…

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