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The know-how tourism sector

Discovering businesses, professions, passions and enthusiasts: this is the mission that the Tourist Office has accepted for almost ten years, helping to develop the Tourism Businesses and Know-How sector in the Metropolis.

Our primary commitment? Awaken your awareness, all you curious explorers whose question “How does it work?” awakens the desire to know more and more. Fromtraditional crafts toagricultural trades, from large to small companies, from stories of giants to small family businesses, from innovation to progress, from terroir to plate, all our visits are made for you and will undoubtedly surprise you. Whatever form it takes, all our companies are united by the same ambition: to share with you a taste for entrepreneurship.

Because today’s different ways of traveling and discovering a region’s riches involve visiting companies, which ones would you choose to visit with us ?

Magazine Poussez les Portes #4

The companies of the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis open their doors to you behind the scenes.

Are you a company in the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolitan Area open to visitors and would you like to be listed on our interactive map?

Contact us, we’ll take care of everything!