Ecotourism in Provence

Ecotourism in Gardanne: why?

In Gardanne, ecotourism can look forward to a prosperous future.

This form of sustainable tourism consists to discover responsibly natural resources, cultural and social and heritage of a destination or tourist region. The main goal of ecotourism in Gardanne consists to guide the tourist to the nature while respecting the ecosystem by limiting the ecologic trace left by the visitors. Its impact must have positive environmental consequences as well as contributing to the well-being of local populations.

Ecotourism in Gardanne is not only a touristic approach, it is also an approach which includes a part of education: raising tourists’ awareness as well as the local population for the respect of nature and ecosystem. It enables to understand that is important to protect the natural capital of an area or a touristic region as well as awakening the individual about ethics and eco-citizenship.

In this way, Gardanne knew how to develop ecotourism. The Tourist Board of Gardanne propose you a pedestrian path in Valabre vineyard, in order to discover its natural resources and its local craftsmanship. You will also find at the departure from Gardanne lots of rambling tracks:

Warning: In summer, the access to the forest is regulated.

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Access to the forest massifs in Gardanne