Gardanne Heritage

Formerly named Gardana, the origin of the agglomeration has been certified since the 11th century when the village was just a medieval "castrum" (a fortress). It still remains nowadays a charming old town with gates closing the ancient ramparts (the Bel Air gate formerly crowned by a tower, the Trets gate showing King René’s locket and the Forbin’s locket over the Passage Barra).

Saint-Pierre bell tower, the Pénitents chapel built in the 17th century, the Marquise de Gueidan’s castle, the ancient gate of the Forbin family’s coach avenue are the testimonies of a rich heritage.

Gardanne had inspired the painter Paul Cézanne who had lived at the “27, cours Forbin” between 1885 and 1886. He made Gardanne’s countryside world-famous thanks to 10 of his works, one of them showing the old town nested around the bell tower as well as 3 sights from Colline des Frères, one representing the Claou cabin and one sight from Payannet.

Gardanne will be forever the only village painted by Cézanne. An open-air museum had been dedicated to him where we can admire the unique sights of the village forever immortalized by his paintings.

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